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Welcome to Anxiety and Trauma Therapy

Start your therapy journey today and begin the healing process. I work with adults who want to heal past trauma wounds that may show up as anxiety, challenges in relationships, people pleasing behaviour, and low self-esteem just to name a few. Reach out for a free 15 minute telephone consultation to learn how I can support you.  

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Trauma and Anxiety Therapy

I specialize in healing trauma wounds and trauma related mental health challenges. Growing up, you may have experienced bullying, emotional deprivation, neglect, abuse, alcoholism by a parent, and criticism by parent, family, or peer group. As adults, we may feel that we've moved past the pain and trauma. However, unhealed trauma wounds tend to become stored in the body. It can resurface as anxiety, depression, self-criticism, low self-esteem, perfectionism, loneliness, people pleasing, lack of emotional safety, interpersonal relationship breakdown, lack of boundaries, anger outbursts, and other challenges that impact our emotional and psychological well-being. Have you ever wondered why you feel wound up hours after having a panic attack? Perhaps you’re curious to know why your body freezes in certain situations or why you feel numb. At Anxiety and Trauma Therapy, I work towards restoring balance to your nervous system by creating emotional safety, positive sense of self, and facing the truth with self-compassion. It's important to understand why your mind and body struggle with

stored memories of trauma, and why your nervous system is taking you on a roller coaster ride.

My goal is to walk with you on your journey to self-empowerment, growth, exploration, and self-love.



The Journey Towards Self Discovery, Balance, and Healing Starts Today.

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