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Individual Therapy Rates

Fee for Service

Janelle is aware of systemic and financial barriers experienced by some people trying to access counselling services. Janelle's commitment to addressing those barriers is reflected in her pricing. Her standard rate is $150, however, Janelle has developed a system that allows clients to pay what they can between the range of $100 - $140. 

How it Works

Folks who have access to extended health insurance is encouraged to utilize their benefits at Janelle's rate of $150. Once their benefits run out, and they can no longer afford to pay $150, they will have access to the sliding scale range above. They can choose an amount that works for them until their benefits top up. 

Folks who don't have insurance and can't afford the rate of $150, they can also choose an amount that works for them based on the sliding scale range above. 


Student Rate

 Janelle provides a student rate of $80 for those in college or university. Proof of enrollment is required prior to accessing services.


Please Review Important Information Below


Please note payment is due before each session. You will be given a receipt in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Accepted forms of payment are e-transfer and credit card payment. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please provide 24 hours notice in order to cancel your or reschedule your appointment. If 24 notice is not received, you will be responsible to pay the entire session amount.

Insurance Coverage

Depending on your current health insurance provider or employee benefit plan, it is possible for services to be covered in full or in part. Please contact your provider to verify how your plan compensates you for counselling services. If your plan does not cover the full amount for therapy, you are responsible for paying the remaining balance. 

I’d recommend asking these questions to your insurance provider to help determine your benefits:

  • Does my health insurance plan include mental health benefits?

  • Do I have coverage for a registered social worker?

  • Does my plan limit how many sessions per calendar year I can have? If so, what is the limit?

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